Important Facts That You Must Know About Preventive Health Insurance

Prevention health insurance is basically a type of insurance that offers financial protection against sudden illnesses. This type of insurance is meant to be undertaken as a preventive measure against serious illnesses like cancer or heart disease. A large number of people, mostly adults, do not have any health insurance at all and therefore, they have no way of paying for the huge medical bills that come up once these diseases strike. In fact, if they were to seek medical treatment even after getting the disease, it would be too late and the treatment could cost them their lives. Thus preventive health insurance is one of the key strategies to avoid such a scenario.


There are two major types of preventive health insurance policies available in the market, namely, fee-for-service and managed care. The former covers a large number of medical procedures like regular check-ups, vaccinations, heart disease, cancer, mental health, etc. For this kind of policy, there is no necessity for individuals to submit to a physical exam. They can get their treatments done at the comfort of their homes at any time they want, as long as there is an appointment made with their doctors. They pay a small amount of money each month for that convenience. However, the only disadvantage with this kind of policy is that there is no one-time screening test, which makes it quite useless for those people above the age of 50 years.


On the other hand, the other type of preventive health insurance is the managed care policy where a person has to submit to frequent health check-ups as part of his or her coverage. Usually, one has to submit for a physical exam and then the doctor would determine whether one needs to undergo a certain procedure or not. If so, he or she would bill the individual for the fee for that service.


One major benefit of preventive health insurance for adults is that it allows them to have peace of mind about their wellness and their body’s situation. It is a big responsibility but it is essential in life. By knowing what is covered under preventive care, individuals can now have a sound mind and body. By getting regular check-ups, they can now prepare themselves against future problems that could be a serious drain on their resources.


The good thing about having preventive care is that it is affordable. There are some policies that offer more than others. So it all depends on the individual and on the family’s financial status. For example, if an individual or his or her family pays for the regular screening tests then they don’t have to worry about the cost because preventive care is free. But if one goes for the annual check-ups then they have to shell out a little sum. This is especially the case for adults who have expensive procedures such as annual physicals, cholesterol tests and blood work tests.


Most health plans offer more services under their wellness programs. These wellness programs include screenings for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Some wellness programs even cover preventative services for adults like mammograms, annual exams, cholesterol checks and blood tests. And one of the popular programs is the flu shots. If an individual or his or her family doesn’t have any health worries due to seasonal factors then they don’t have to think about getting flu shots.


The good news is that one does not have to pay anything just so he or she can get regular preventative care. This means that the premiums for the health insurance policy are not going to increase as much as the regular cost of healthcare. Getting a comprehensive health insurance coverage is a wise decision for any individual to take. This way they can ensure that they get quality healthcare services and they won’t have to stress themselves too much with their healthcare bills.


To make it simple, if you are at risk factors to different ailments then it is a smart move to change your lifestyle. If you smoke, quit smoking before you start thinking about your future. Also if you have high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure, better get checked by experts. The best preventive healthcare plan to go for is the one that offers healthy lifestyle and screens out high risk factors. In the end, you will be glad you decided to take good care of yourself and the world around you.

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