A Trip to Preventive Health Check Up

It is not easy to get a family health check up in Kolkata. This city is known for its opulent living and food culture. The people in this part of the country are known to be very lavish with their lives. However, if you are living here you need to do regular health check ups to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol at manageable levels.


You can go for your health check up at the Mission hospital in Kolkata. This hospital has all the facilities of a world-class hospital. It is well equipped with an imaging centre, diagnostic centre and surgical unit. In addition to this it has the services of a dietician, cardiologist, a neurologist and a gastroenterologist. All these professionals can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


You can also go for your annual preventive health check up at the Central University Hospital in Kolkata. This is one of the leading teaching hospitals of the country. The medical staff here is well equipped with all the necessary equipment required to carry out a health check-up. They have the latest technologies to help in your check up.


A few kilometers from Kolkata is the Mission hospital in Godfrey College. It is another well-equipped medical facility that is also a leading teaching hospital in the country. They have an imaging centre, a diagnostic centre and a surgical unit. The doctors here use different techniques in their preventive health check ups like blood pressure monitoring, urinalysis, stool analysis, x-ray and etc. All these services can be availed at no extra cost.


There are many other health centres in Kolkata that provide services to the general public. For instance you can go to the Mission station to have your annual health check up. If you are lucky enough, you may even get a free medical examination. The staff members of this medical centre are very courteous and you will not feel any sort of hassle in your visit to them. You will be allowed to have a discussion with the doctor after your visit and get your family doctor’s contact number.


If you wish to avoid all the hassles involved in visiting all the medical centres in Kolkata, then you can just take a taxi service from the central business district of Kolkata. You just have to book your cab and you will be ready to head towards your destination. You don’t even have to wait in the queue and neither will you be asked about your medical condition. All the necessary precautionary measures will be taken by your taxi service provider at the time of booking your trip.


Now it is the turn of your neighbourhood doctor to provide you with preventive health check up in Kolkata. The medical centre providing this service has been certified by the Medical Council of India (M CI). Since this is a private health institution, the doctor will be working on his own and will not under any compulsion to follow or prescribe medicines to his patients. He will definitely help you to stay fit by giving you useful health advice and tips.


So, if you want to keep your body and mind in great health, then visit your nearest preventive health check up centre and get your health checked regularly. At the time of your visit you will find out what are the different methods of preventing common diseases and also what are the preventive measures to keep your body free from infection. Don’t wait for any health crisis to strike before taking preventive health check up. You will never know when it will strike, so it is better to take preventive health check up now than getting struck with any disease later.

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