The Health Benefits of Cinnamon

The health benefits of cinnamon are numerous. It is a natural anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. This makes cinnamon an excellent addition to the dietary regimens of people with chronic conditions or those that are prone to allergies. The health benefits of cinnamon go beyond the medicinal aspects however.

health benefits cinnamon


The natural properties of cinnamon make it a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants rid the body of harmful free radicals that have proven to be harmful to the body. By ridding the body of these free radicals, antioxidants can boost the immune system so that it can ward off illnesses and protect the body from injury. These antioxidants also boost energy levels and overall wellbeing. And cinnamon has been proven to increase blood flow.


Cinnamon has also been shown to lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). This makes cinnamon an excellent addition to the dietary regimens of people who want to maintain good health but don’t want to eat a lot of red meat and fatty oils. In fact, studies have shown that people who alternate their daily diet with that of cinnamon have maintained more of their weight loss than people who stick to a low-fat, high-cholesterol diet. The health benefits of cinnamon may even help people lose weight and keep it off.


Another of the many health benefits of cinnamon is its ability to stimulate blood circulation. The blood vessels use cinnamon to get their blood circulating. By doing this, cinnamon is also able to help relieve some of the more severe symptoms of diabetes and hypertension as well as promote better overall blood circulation in the body.


Cinnamon is one of nature’s most powerful spices. And when you add that to its ability to improve the function of the circulatory system, what you have is a powerful health benefits plant. Cinnamon is an excellent healer of the circulatory system and aids in digestion. In fact, studies have shown that cinnamon is even more helpful to the body in curing internal problems, such as cancer, than it is in treating external problems, such as coughs and colds.


Of course, we cannot forget to mention the classic benefit of cinnamon: As a sweetener, it has numerous health benefits. For instance, cinnamon is actually rich in potassium, which regulates blood pressure and other body processes. In addition, studies have shown that cinnamon promotes the production of antibodies, which act against common allergens and diseases. So not only can cinnamon be a natural cure-all for allergies, but it can also prevent asthma attacks and other diseases.


In addition to these seemingly amazing health benefits, studies have also shown that cinnamon has anti-cancer properties. This is probably due to the fact that cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and other substances that have the ability to fight off cancer cells. This is just one more reason to add cinnamon to your diet, although of course it isn’t the only one. Studies have also shown that eating a small amount of cinnamon on a daily basis helps lower cholesterol levels and prevents diabetes. Also, those who are diabetic may benefit from this addition because cinnamon has been proven to improve sensitivity to blood-sugar levels. The bottom line is, this little cinnamon stick can keep you healthy and get you headed in the right direction.


Now that we’ve gone over just some of the health benefits of cinnamon, there are a number of ways you can take advantage of its natural elements. You may want to use cinnamon as a replacement for sugar when cooking for someone who is diabetic or who is eating less fruits and vegetables. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try adding a pinch of it to your coffee or tea. Cinnamon also adds a wonderful flavor to hot cereals or waffles. Finally, one of the health benefits of cinnamon that we’re going to point out today has to do with weight loss. Since cinnamon increases your body’s metabolism, it can help you lose weight in a hurry!

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