Health Check-Up Deduction - How You Can Claim It

Health Check-Up Deduction – How You Can Claim It

preventive health check up deduction

“Preventive Health Checks Up Deduction” is a phrase that can have a lot of variations. One person can find it appropriate and another may find it completely absurd. It is essentially an explanation as to why a health check-up is required in the first place. This is especially true for those who are in their fifties. Generally speaking, it is advisable that we have at least a one-time check-up within two years. This preventive health check-up deduction is usually considered one of the best tax write-offs that we have today.


However, you should note that a lot of individuals believe that the preventive health check up deduction is only applicable to medical checkups and nothing more. For them, it is equivalent to an unnecessary expenditure that they would be better off not making. They will definitely look at this type of health expense as an unnecessary drain on their hard earned money. The good news is that there is still a good amount that you can get back from your health insurance provider despite these individuals’ misgivings.


The good thing about this health check-up deduction is that it can apply to just about anything that involves getting your physicals done. So, you don’t even have to have an annual physical to claim this deduction. It also does not require you to pay for tests that you might not need. All you have to do is document the test or tests that you had taken and then submit this to your health insurance provider. They will review your records and if they find that there are things in your records that are questionable or if they feel that it is necessary to conduct further tests, then they will file for a supplemental return and will pay for it.


If you think that a health check-up deduction can only apply to annual checkups, then you are wrong. If you have been receiving prescriptions from your regular doctor and you have been turning down the prescriptions, then you need to file for supplemental health check up. This is because prescription charges are not tax-deductible. Even though it is a different deduction, it is still a deduction worth taking. So, if your regular doctor gives you prescriptions for drugs and you are refusing to take them, then you can try to claim this health check-up deduction against the prescription charges.


The easiest way to understand the different types of preventative health care services is to consider them as preventative maintenance treatments. When you take these kinds of actions, you are basically treating yourself for minor problems that you would have never cared about before. This is considered a preventive health check-up service and so are they eligible for a health check-up deduction?


Yes, you do qualify for a health check-up deduction. However, the trick is to make sure that you get a big enough deduction. For example, many people get mammograms. You may feel fine with getting one every year. However, if you have had your annual mammogram three out of the last five years, then you are likely going to be getting a health check-up deduction on that basis alone.

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