IAC&T Certification - Is It Worth the Cost?

IAC&T Certification – Is It Worth the Cost?

A Health Coach Alliance is an organization dedicated to providing professional resources for coaches who are certified and registered in the state of Florida. A Health Coach Alliance offers resources to help health professionals in the state of Florida to develop continuing education credits and earn certificates in order to be a member of the Alliance. A Health Coach Alliance has been helping people become healthy since 1986. Members benefit from:

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A Health Coach Alliance provides nationwide opportunities for its over 5000 members to access educational and career development resources. They are also provided with information on how to become an affiliate to the national board of health coaching. Also, health coaching students learn about the National Certification Board for Health Coaching and what it takes to become a certified coach.


The Health Coach Alliance offers a national exam, the area holistic health coach certification program, which is the only national exam for holistic health coaches. To earn the certification, you will need to successfully complete a four-day course, interact in a classroom or online forum, and take an exam. Once you have passed the test, you will be given a credential. This credential will allow you to take the state exams for the states that apply to you. Your name will appear on the Board of Health Coaching Licensing Services website.


You will receive educational information and learn how to communicate effectively with individuals in health care, public safety, nursing, and other settings. Becoming a member of the Alliance will provide you with the opportunity to participate in seminars that focus on health coaching principles and practices. The International Association of Coaches and Trainers (IAC&T) is an organization that works to promote professional growth in coaching and mentoring. IAC&T’s website includes information about their mission, history, and certification programs. There are also forums and discussions online that provide opportunities for you to discuss coaching theories and practices with people who are committed to improving their lives.


In addition to the seminars, you will take an exam to become certified by the IAC&T. If you do not plan to work as a health coach, the certification is not necessary to begin working as one. All states require IAC&T certified nutrition coaches to have a BSN degree, and a few states require no certification at all. Health coaches who are self-employed or do not work for hospitals are not required to be certified. However, being a certified nutrition or fitness coach may increase your chances of earning more income.


Becoming a Health Coach Alliance member provides access to educational and training materials, support from other coaches in your area, access to specialty books and journals, access to health care professionals who can answer questions about optimal health, and an opportunity to network with others who share your passion for healthy lifestyles. Being a part of the IAC&T community provides many benefits. You will have the chance to make new friends, share ideas and experiences, and obtain information about specialty diets and nutrition that you can use to help others. The cost of becoming an IAC&T certified nutrition coach is nominal compared to the benefits. You will be helping people achieve their optimal health and live healthier life.

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